We want to see youth connect to the church in a way that has a lifelong impact, so we include them in worship, Small Groups and all other aspects of church life. We also recognize that there is a benefit in teaching to their specific stage of life and so we have a youth Sunday School class that meets 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring. You can check the calendar to see when the next session begins. 




The Heartland Presbytery also puts on a Summer Camp each year for High School & Junior High students called SummerLink. 

SummerLink 2018


Ages: 2 camps in 1 Week (Middle School & High School)

Date: July 16-21

Location: At Windermere Conference Center, Roach MO

Theme: Boycott Me, Lessons in Denying Self from John 13




$275 for Middle School (entering 6th-8th grade in Fall 2018)
$325 for High School (entering 9th-13th grade in Fall 2018)

Speaker: Nick McDonald, RUF minister at University of Missouri

Seven years ago, my wife Brenna and I sensed the Lord’s call toward campus ministry. We were working with high-schoolers in Brighton, MI, living 20 minutes from the University of Michigan. As our students graduated, we noticed a pattern: they were making all their important decisions AFTER high-school! This made sense to us. For us, college was a time to explore our own ideas about Christianity. During college I realized my Sunday School answers weren’t enough to address the drowning death of my brother and a suicidal best friend. I also didn’t see any connection between my faith and the things I cared about: morality, justice, beauty, work, philosophy, etc. So, for 4 years, I left the church. 

After I graduated, I ran across a book called “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer. It was $1.00 in a used bargain bin, and I figured, “Knowing God seems worth a dollar!” So I took up and read. Over the next two hours, my questions about faith and life found a home. I saw how the gospel was the central foundation for philosophy, beauty, justice, work, and even comfort in my pain. This planted a seed in me: I wanted to go back to the college campus and give away these amazing gospel truths to students who feel in that same place (or who have some other way of being we all do). How I wished someone had come alongside me in those years and gently guided me toward the gospel!

Since then, we've had two sweet boys Caleb (7) and Owen (5), and I've graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with my M.Div before receiving the call to join RUF Mizzou in the Fall of 2017.

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