Sunday School follows the rhythm of life in Manhattan and runs 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring. The classes meet immediately after the worship service. Nursery is provided for children younger than 4. Parents are always welcome to help in their children's classrooms or to attend the Adult Sunday School class.

Sunday School Fall 2018

Begins right Shortly after the service, roughly 10:30. Ends by 11:15 am.

Start Date: September 30th 2018
Last Date: November 25th 2018
Note: Will Not Meet on November 18th 2018

Ages 4-7 (K and 1st Grade)


Teachers: Rob and Veronica St Claire (Sub:Pat Zimmerman)
Subject: One Story Ministries Year One (Fall & Winter Quarter Curriculum)
Room: Children’s Library (rainbow and ark painted on the wall)

Ages 8-11 (Elementary School - 2nd-5th)


Teachers: Andrea and Craig Cline
Subject: One Story Ministries Year Three (Winter Quarter Curriculum)
Room: Chi-Rho Room, upstairs, first room on right

Ages 12+ (Middle & High School)


Teachers: Travis Shanahan
Subject: One Story Ministries Youth Curriculum Year One (Winter Quarter Curriculum)
Room: Map Room, upstairs, third on the left

Adults (Ages 18 to 137)


Teachers: Ryan Cyr
Subject: Heidelberg Catechism
Room: Fireplace Room